The Year of Freedom

It’s funny how life happens. When I started thinking about writing on this topic I wanted to focus on telling about my journey to personal freedom. I had an outline all planned, points ready to explicate, and a directive all thought out. Then on Saturday as I was coming back from taking pictures, I got a call that my father, who is 51 years old, had a heart attack. Part of me wanted to panic, the other wanted to cry, but I stopped and asked is he ok? If you know my dad then he’s probably the most outgoing person you’ve ever met, seriously I’m pretty sure there’s not friendlier human being.

Yes, he’s ok; he’s home on a mandated 2 days of rest.

What I took away most from the news was that living your life to the FULLEST every day is the most important thing to do. My dad has dedicated his life to ministry, education, and being a great husband and father and although w