Overnight Success? Nah, that’s not a thing: Debunking Myth About Millennials

Many people often refer to our generation as the microwave generation. Now whether affectionately or not, they’re implying we like things instantly and conveniently. Which to many degrees is very true. Our culture has made a convenience a must; it’s ingrained into the very fabric as who we are as a people. We have become impatient and intolerant of certain inconveniences and rightly so. If we know there’s a better way, why not. There are somethings our generation won’t wait for anymore. But that makes perfect sense because of the age we live. Expectations for specific processes have changed. If something takes any longer than 5 minutes, we’ll do a Google search and find another option. The access we have to information has made us innately resourceful. Technology has shaped outlook on life being accessible 25/8 at our fingertips and having Siri at our beck and call.

So yes,