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Stacks of Receipt Paper


So as a twenty something college graduate, I like many in this position find myself still transitioning. After one year of being out of college I’m still trying to “figure things out” and “get my life together.” And yes I am quoting the many annoying people who ask me regularly, “what are you doing?” “have you started a new job?” “when are you getting married.” Now a few months ago those questions really plagued me, they really made me feel pretty worthless, if I’m being honest. But I recently had a surprisingly startling realization, I DONT have to have ANY answers, I just need a plan. Like many greats, success takes time. Even if it happens over night you still have to develop and maintain it.  You have to go through a process. The process legitimizes your experiences and helps you really figure out your purpose. But this post isn’t about that, it’s about what happened after I had this life changing epiphany, and I promise I’m not being dramatic.

So I still have my very first job. Summer 2011 I was hired seasonally at Universal Studios and I have been happily employed ever since. Now what started as a fun summer job almost 5 years ago has quickly become an almost full-time part of my life, almost. So at work I often find myself either extremely bored or whimsically inspired. Regardless of which one I somehow end up using stacks of receipt paper to write down ideas, thoughts, plans, doodles, whatever really. By the time I’m to clock out, my shirt pocket is filled with wads of paper inked with the most random inspiration.

My most recent wad has led to this post……


I really started to reflect over the past year, and I realized how unfair I’ve been to myself and my accomplishments. But more importantly how these self-imposed judgments and criticisms have stifled my creativity and growth.

I have a plan, a pretty great one at that.

I realized if I just give it time and keep working hard these stacks of receipt paper will move from being simple ideas to successful realities.

So consider this the official revival of Martina’s Directive and much much more more!

Stay Tuned

The Directive: Give yourself time, your dreams won’t leave unless you let them go.

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