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Finding Center: In Memory of Aunty Gene

So I started this post two weeks ago sitting on the floor. I was at my friend Dean’s house. His mom just passed away. She was like a mom to me too. I  got the call at around 1:30pm Saturday afternoon and by 3:00pm I was on the bus to Atlanta. I loved Aunty Gene. She was so special, caring, even fun in her own right lol. She had a beautiful spirit and what I will always remember most was she was so giving. I should know, I spent almost three semesters as her unofficial 6th household weekend family member. She took great care of me and treated me like one of her own.

So that Saturday I was determined to write a blog because I needed to reach my at least twice weekly goal. That’s how I ended up on the floor in a corner. There were people everywhere in the house and it was the only quiet place I could go. While I sat there I couldn’t focus, it was too hard. She wasn’t sick for that long and honestly, we all prayed and expected a miracle. I struggled to get it finished so I left it. It’s taken me two weeks to come back and finish. I told myself once I finished it that meant she was really gone, that she wasn’t going to wake up again. But this blog isn’t about Aunty Gene rather the God she served while she lived. Her example has inspired me and I am so blessed to share her beautiful spirit with you.


Aunty Genie, thank you and I love you.


Feel free to use these scriptures as a guide

So that Friday, October 23rd to be exact, I taught a lesson to my youth group called Finish Strong by Finding Center. The topic wasn’t difficult to prepare or teach, but it is difficult to live out. The reminder was exactly what I needed. Losing Aunty Gene made it even more relevant because she was only 53 with a mind full ideas and a heart full of dreams, many now left unfinished. While I was at the we started to sort through her library full of papers, I’m not kidding she had bookshelves full, I became overwhelmed with the thought of death and leaving this earth and not fulfilling my purpose, dreams, aspirations, and then being struck with the thought, is that even possible?

The lesson was about an hour long but here’s the main idea: As Christians EVERYTHING we do must begin and end with Christ at the center. Now I’m sure we’ve all heard this before but many, like myself, haven’t taken the time to really consider what that means. Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  As I prepared I really stopped to think what does that means? Seeking God first requires total surrender because often we feel like there are things we can handle all on our own, without ever consulting God. But in everything we do we should seek God first because we never know when our name will be called to exit left. If we lived a life that was completely surrendered and submitted to God then we can’t leave anything unfinished. We don’t have any time to waste.

Recently I’ve been experiencing a clash between balancing church work/activities and pursuing my dreams and personal goals. However, I realize now that the two are one. God has given me all of my talents and even all my dreams, so I don’t have wrestle between choosing one or the other. I just have find those places where they meet and make sure everything I do is consecrated for God. If there is one thing I learned from Aunty Gene it’s I can do anything I put my mind to now matter how long or hard it is or takes, I can. She never gave up and she left an example that I am so proud to follow.

Keeping Christ at the center of our lives can be difficult because we are always so “busy.” Many attribute spending time with him to just praying and Bible reading. But its also in the way we live, what we share with others about him, and what we do in our routine lives to keep him involved. God is a jealous God. Anything you put before him is an idol. So I encourage all of my readers to find away in EVERYTHING you do to Keep Jesus at the Center.

MY Directive: Live a life that makes God proud, full and balanced. 

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