Finding Center: In Memory of Aunty Gene

So I started this post two weeks ago sitting on the floor. I was at my friend Dean’s house. His mom just passed away. She was like a mom to me too. I  got the call at around 1:30pm Saturday afternoon and by 3:00pm I was on the bus to Atlanta. I loved Aunty Gene. She was so special, caring, even fun in her own right lol. She had a beautiful spirit and what I will always remember most was she was so giving. I should know, I spent almost three semesters as her unofficial 6th household weekend family member. She took great care of me and treated me like one of her own.

So that Saturday I was determined to write a blog because I needed to reach my at least twice weekly goal. That’s how I ended up on the floor in a corner. There were people everywhere in the house and it was the only quiet place I could go. While I sat there I couldn’t focus, it was too hard. She w