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Let's design a
website that
helps you    



create A brand & webSITE that reflects your vision and helps you reach your brand goals 

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mini bloom

For businesses or brands who want to establish their online presence, with a quality site but aren't ready to invest in a fully custom site.

Choose a template from the shop and then complete the form with all your information with content for your site. 


This package will let you cover the basics and includes: 

Package Includes:

  • 1 Hour Design Call

  • Template based website- up 4 pages (additional pages can be added on)

  • Integration of colors and branding

  • 1 month of site support 

Service available only with Wix and Squarespace sites


Templates feel Custom

Templates feel Custom


tell your story. connect to your people

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This 6-8 week process will take YOUR vision from vision to fruition to launch leaving you with a beautiful web design that not only tells your story,  but also converts your ideal clients and customer


Blooming Customn Designs

Custom Site 

For businesses or brands are ready to invest in a fully custom site that tells their story with a blooming design.  You have a vision (or maybe not) and know you want to create a website that will attract and converts your ideal client/customer.

Packages for sites built on:

Wix, Squarespace, & Showit 


This package includes:

  • Website planning session & 2 Milestone meetings (if needed)

  • 5 fully customized pages

  • Mobile Optimized design

  •  SEO Implementation

  • 5-7 matching social graphics with Canva files 

  • Training on how to use your new site

  • Connect the third party or built-in domain

  • 4 weeks of support after the launch date

  • Social media launch graphic

  • BONUS: Matching Instagram links page

Optional add-ons:

  • Additional pages

  • E-Commerce set up with 10 items

  • E-mail Campaign set-up with

  • Website Copy 

investment: Starts at $5500

Blooming Customn Designs

the process

We will spend this time nailing down the nitty gritty of your brand and story.  Our goal will be to ensure your message is magnetic and attracts your ideal client.

We work to craft a brand story back by psychology based studies that not only look and feel, but is designed specifically to attract your ideal audience.


Many people skip this crucial step in not only creating an online presence, but also in developing a brand that fulfills its purpose and achieves.


We will work together write a super clear brand message that will attract and convert your ideal client. You can build a beautiful website but if you don't fill it with the "write" words no one will show up. 


We will craft a brand strategy that not only aligns with your mission and vision, but also incorporate personal aspects of your 

Planning for success means creating a roadmap and in this phase will develop the road map your sit by outlining the pages and deciding on the major goals of the site as they relate to the brand story. 

It's important that your website flows in away that feels tangibly connected to message and mood of your brand and its story. 

Here will narrow down your site platform. When working with me you can choose from Showit, Square, and Wix. On my portfolio, I note where each site was build because each platform has their own features and distinctive style. They all have their own pros and cons, so that choice is totally based on the needs of your business and how you plan to have your customers interact with your platform. 

We will create a mock and then wire frame your site before it ever touches the web because we want to make sure it looks and feels like your vision, completely.

About 2 or 3 weeks before your site is ready we will develop a launch strategy for your site and freebie we discuss early in the process will have it's time to shine and bloom!

The worst feeling would building a beautiful website and having no one show up when it's open. We don't make any guarantees, however our goal is to help your site do what you want it to do with an effective site launch strategy that will your audience lining up at your virtual site door on launch day!  

During this time we will create layered sensorial experience with colors, shapes, textures, and even sounds to align your visual brand the message. 

You will be a part of developing mood boards that reflect brands look and feel focusing on connecting all fives senses to the visual representation your brand.

We will create a style guide that can be used to inform future design projects for your brand and keep your brand's look and feel cohesive in every space. 

During this phase will also discuss the site assets including photography, product packing (if applicable), and final logos if working with me to design 

Let the fun begin! After all the preplanning, research, and organizing, it's time to build a site that will wow, attract, and convert your ideal audience. 

We work to make sure you walk away with a site that you love! 

Want to work to create a marketing strategy that will make your business bloom. We will craft a strategy that will allow you to have a clear direction of how to seamlessly integrates your new website into an ecosystem that generates leads, converts customers, and grows your blooming bottomline. 

We will research the best CRMs, software, and industry specific tools to help you take your business to the next level. 

We want to equip you will all the tools you need to make your business exceed your wildest dreams and bloom beyond your expectations! 

Apply for my signature bloomprint package

Want Everything? 


Together, we will create a website that tells your story in the most visually compelling way. Your brand will bloom.

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What  Clients Are Saying 

Prior to working with Martina, I lacked clarity and direction in my life. I wanted to purse a career in influencing but did not know where to start. Martina helped me to understand the power of establishing a personal brand. I was able to find my voice, gain confidence, and maintain focus. Through Martina's coaching I have learned how to effectively communicate the purpose and mission of my brand and who I am. Since establishing my brand, my life has had more clarity. I have been able to make strong connections and business deals within my niche.

Krysta- Earthly Good/Krys Marie
  • What site platforms do you build on?
    Showit, Squarespace, and Wix
  • How long do projects take?
    This totally depends on a lot of different things: scope of the project and the deliverables, client response time, etc. Typically, a full branding package with a website will take anywhere from 8-12 weeks. I have gotten websites done in as little as 2 weeks with fast communication and clear direction. I send over a project outline with the due dates for both you and myself so you have an idea of what to expect for your launch date!
  • What are your prices?
    While I offer base pricing on my website, I never sign a project until we've talked and I've sent you a proposal. This ensure a price that is fair for both parties. For example, pricing for a large website with 20 eCommerce products, a blog, and custom branding will look a lot different than a simple website with 5 pages. Please schedule a discovery call to get a quote on your project.
  • How do I pay?
    I will send a contract and invoice where you can pay by card or Paypayl. All service fees are covered by me.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Sure do! I LOVE working with small businesses, and I understand that budget is a huge factor in launching a business. I offer payment plans that fit your budget, up to 5 months for projects over $2,000, with as little as 30% down! For projects under $2,000 I offer payment plans up to 3 months with 40% down.
  • Who should I host with?
    I 100% stand by SiteGround for both domain purchasing and website hosting. They offer free SSL, email accounts, fast customer service, 24 hour site backups, and more! Another great option is HostGator.
  • What if I need my website faster than 8-12 weeks?
    It can be done! I will charge a rush fee upon booking and we will hit that launch date no problem.
  • Can you get my website to the first page of Google?
    There are alot of factors at play here and I applaud your amibition! Your success will depend depends on they keyword you are searching. For example, if you have a beauty company and you're trying to the top of Google for "Beauty Brand", you are competing with multi-million dollar companies for that spot. However, if you are trying to get on Page One of Google for a location specific service with lower competition, I will do everything I can to get you there! I do basic SEO setup, which means I establish keywords, meta descriptions, and focus on readability analysis. Want more than that? I have recommendations for companies that can get you further up the Google list (usually $300-$1500 per month)
  • What if I don't have a name for my business yet?
    No worries! That's the hardest part, I totally get it! We will work through it together. I start with colors and fonts before I even design the first logo, so there's time to figure it out. Usually, my process will give clients clarity into the perfect name for their business.
  • Do I get the font files we select?
    Yes! Most designers don't send font files with their logos, but I believe that your font is a CRUCIAL part of your business and want you to have them to do what you want with! You will get either OTF or TTF files that can easily be converted to whichever file type you need.
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