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On the eve of 24

December 30th, 1991.

My birthday.

For a long time I’ve questioned how I feel about this date for many reasons

  1. It’s also my parent’s Anniversary

  2. My two sister’s celebrate their birthday’s in December; the 7th & 1st

  3. It’s 5 days after Christmas

  4. When I was in elementary and middle school: It was during Christmas break so I couldn’t bring cupcakes for my class

  5. Its never cold even though it’s technically winter

But despite all these, what now seem like, trivial annoyances I’ve always focused one significant detail about my birthday.

It’s December 30th

The eve of new year’s eve. The day many reflect, ponder, and reconsider the events of the past year and plan how to make the new year different. Many make resolutions and vow to follow them faithfully starting the 1st day of the new year. They have two days before the new year begins to make amends, cut ties, or even commit to new relationships. Two days to decide to break bad habits, start a new hobby or follow a dream, or simply start a new book. For many, just being prepared creates a sense of anticipation for the new year and inspires fresh optimism.

It’s almost like pressing reset.

For 23 years, I’ve always pressed reset on my birthday. I’ve always followed the trend of setting news years resolutions, making big plans about how my whole life will change in the new year or how I going to take on the world. Often I would go out of my way to come up with things in my life that needed fixing that would overlook the great things that I did or was doing. But made it worse was I did this on the day I should be celebrating another year of life.

But for this birthday and the eve of what billions of over the world will celebrate as the night before the new year begins and the dawn their “new beginning,” I’m not planning to press reset. I don’t need to.

24 will be a continuation of what has been a transformation that began inside. 23 was a hard year. But my experiences over the past 364 days has taught me lessons that I will carry for the rest of my life. Going into 2016 I am the surest I’ve ever been about life, myself, and the person I’ve become. The person looking in the mirror is looking back with passion, determination, and vision; ready to take on life’s challenges and opportunities.

So for those who might be catching the, “resolution”bug, don’t feel pressured to change or make changes. If the path you’re on now is leading you to where you know you should be then don’t get distracted, don’t move with tide.

But for those who have seen their path as clearly yet, then make big plans, set new goals, but just know real change starts within and not with a new year.

MY Directive: Keep going, you’re doing great. 

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