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Making “IT” Happen

Recently, I’ve been faced with some new and unique life challenges. At first, I didn’t realize there was a problem but as I sat back, it clicked this was a problem. Like all self-realizations, I took the time to acknowledge that I was my problem. I was my biggest obstacle. Constantly waiting around for the right time to move or doubting whether or not I was making the right choice.

But I’ve learned, the hard way I might add, if you want something, you have to make the decision when. I was waiting around for an opportunity to knock when all along I had the tools, the keys necessary to unlock those doors. Life rarely offers a perfect circumstance so if we wait for everything to fall into place we will find ourselves waiting forever.

I don’t know what your “IT” is but it’s waiting on you to make a move. That business, that idea, that whatever can’t happen until you take a leap of faith and decide that now is the time. With God on your side, you must become the captain of your fate, the compass for success. We are constantly looking and searching for better for ourselves when 90% of the time we have what we’re looking for.

I’ve made a decision that every “IT” in my life will happen because I’ willing to work to see that it does. I’m willing to take a chance on myself, my dreams, and aspirations to ensure that my God given purpose is accomplished.

Moving away has presented so many unforeseen and unexpected challenges. But all of them have been met with an “I can do this” mentality.  Through these experiences I’ve learned success is truly a mindset; if you decide to or not you will. Every person must take a hold of the direction life takes them or you will get knocked over time and time again.

So my first step in making “IT” happen, I must silence every voice that says it’s not possible. Every voice that tells me to turn around and just quit while I’m ahead. But instead, I’m going to press towards the mark as the scripture says, focused and determined to make “IT” happen.

MY Directive: Keep focused on “IT”

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