We have to stop waiting for the ah-ha moment to take place, sometimes all it takes is a decision to change and do better. It can really be difficult to break out of a rut or funk. It’s even harder to change. To change your mindset, perspective, and to break bad habits. But in order to chase your dreams and begin to live out your purpose, you have to become uncomfortable with not walking in your purpose and chasing your dreams. You have to get tired of watching everyone around find success and achieve the goals while you can continue scrolling through life. Life is so much more than likes, follows, and subscriptions We have to get to the place where we put on peripheral blinders and press forward. It’s tough I know, because you can really feel lost and inadequate at times, never really measuring up to your expectations of who thought you should be and when. You take a look in the mirror and wonder, why I still here, or how did I get here or why I am not I there. We cloud our minds with all sorts of could haves that we fail to see whats right in front of us. The internal challenges we face as human beings often take us to our breaking point and when you finally get tired enough of yourself you will be compelled to make of move. But please, as people often say don’t let the internet or anything for that matter rush you. However, that’s no