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An author website template is a pre-designed layout that is specifically tailored for authors to showcase their work, promote their brand, and engage with their audience. The template typically includes a homepage, about page, books page, blog page, and contact page.

The homepage serves as the central hub for the website, and often includes a featured book or series, a brief introduction to the author, and links to other important pages on the site. The about page provides more detailed information about the author, their background, and their writing journey.

The books page showcases the author's published works, with cover images, book descriptions, and links to purchase. It may also include reviews or testimonials from readers. The blog page features the author's latest musings, news, and updates, and can be a great way to engage with readers and build a community.

The contact page typically includes a form or email address for readers to get in touch with the author, as well as links to the author's social media profiles. The website may also include additional features such as a newsletter signup form, an events calendar, or a media kit for press and publicity.

Overall, an author website template provides a professional and visually appealing platform for authors to promote themselves and their work, connect with readers, and establish a strong online presence.

Blooming Author

  • This is a digital product 

  • Due to the nature of this product their are no refunds or exchanged after product has been delivered digitally, If you change your mind BEFORE you receive and accept the invitation to join the site a refund can be issued. 

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