Why America Loves Slave Narratives

I recently began research for a final paper in my adaptation of film class. For my final project, I decided to focus on Nate Parker’s adapted work The Birth of A Nation originally by D.W. Griffith’s who adapted his work from the book called The Clansman.

Despite the unpleasant controversy surrounding the film’s release, Parker’s film still managed to shake up the box office. In discussing the film as a tool of social commentary I am quite frankly annoyed. Parker’s work is important, however, it like many of the films before focus on an all too familiar narrative; rebellious slaves trying to break free.

Now, I genuinely Parker’s work exists to spark systemic change and ameliorate the oppressive forces that work to burden African Americans, however, the story line is played. I say that with no intentional disrespect or dismissal of Parker’s work but speak more to the chosen and often repeated narrative. 

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