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Queen Erica

All of across the world today families are celebrating together and honoring their mothers. Some are together with moms, sisters, and aunts or remembering mothers who have passed on and some are spending time with mom’s who aren’t quite blood but are certainly family. For some this day may just be an annual tradition but for others its a reminder of someone who has truly changed their life.

So to the woman who has changed my life and taught me everything I know about truly being a woman, this is for you.

Dear Mom,

Today was the first time in 24 years I didn’t spend mothers day without you. For so long I’ve taken this day for granted. But for the first time it truly it hit me that I’m not a little girl anymore and celebrations like today, I will have to make an intentional effort to spend them with you. The first thing I wanted to this morning was call you. As much as it will pain me to admit, since being away I’ve realized you were right about so many things. I laughed to myself when you answered the Facetime call with the iPad right under your nose.

Mommy, you have really been the best Mom a girl could ask for.know you don’t always feel that way but its true. With your constant reminders, or outfit suggestions, or those personal hygiene tips I would rather not share, those are things I’ve come to appreciate. Since being away for what feels like for good this time, I have truly come to recounted every lesson you’ve taught me. The saying is so true, distance makes the heart grow fonder. I have a new love for you and our so very complicated relationship. Through every argument or time I was rude  you would always find a way to teach me a lesson without trying. I’m sorry for not being a better daughter and doing enough to show you how much I love, appreciate, and care for you.

So I promise to call more and text more just to say hello. I promise to keep you updated on everything, and I promise when I can’t I’ll let you know. You have influenced me in ways I didn’t realize and not being able to spend this day with you made me realize how truly special you are to me. I hope you one day I can give you the world. Like the the blog title says you are Queen in so many ways, from thinking that means you never have to drive anywhere or getting dressed up to go to grocery store, you are Queen because the inheritance you will leave me is a legacy of self-love, determination, and a life dedicated to the King of Kings Jesus Christ.

My wish for you is that you would dream big and never limit yourself.  I pray one day you will get the courage to share your truth and tell the world the full story, so they can fully get to know the amazing woman you are. Your beauty and grace comes from above but your joy comes from within. Your life of prayer is what I admire most and hope one day share with my own daughter. Thanks for the laughs and I look forward to spending the rest of our lives as besties for real. 🙂

I am so proud to call myself your daughter. Happy Mother’s Day,

Yours forever,

Martina K. Young 

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