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My Favorite Spot

Back home whenever I needed to clear my head I would drive 2 miles and sit by the lake. I would sit there for hours writing, reading, and sometimes even praying. When I moved to Atlanta I just knew I could never find a spot like that again. So calming and peaceful where hardly anyone ever passed by.

But low and behold in the middle of the city I found my new favorite spot. I sat just like at home and wrote, read, and even prayed. I took a beat to get comfortable and really to connect to the space (I promise I’m not being dramatic). However, this spot is much different from the one at home. It truly has a life of its own. People passed by quietly, ducks squabbled, and a man walked by singing the most beautiful tune. I didn’t see his face but I certainly heard his voice. In this time spent sitting at the edge of the dock, I felt a renewed sense of self and purpose.  Often we get so busy with life we forget to check in with ourselves.

It’s so important for everyone to take time for themselves. No matter what you do in that time, reflect and inflect, that’s only way grow.

MY Directive: find a space for you and your thoughts alone. Protect it, use it, and grow.

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