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Moving:10 Tips on moving out of state


Here are some tips on moving from one state to another and some things I wished someone had told me. Please read and share 🙂

1. Plan Ahead

Moving is stressful. You will have thousands of things running through your mind. So many questions will come up along the way, so planning ahead eliminates a lot of those surprises. Make a list or master plan of what you need for your move. Use this checklist and take it everywhere you go so you can add or subtract things quickly and conveniently. Try to think of every possible situation that could come up and make a plan for how you would handle it. I know it sounds like a lot but trust me, even after doing all this, things will still come up. Being prepared will help you avoid unnecessary stress or problems.

2. Save, Save, Save

Before you do anything else start saving! You will need money! And lots of it! You can’t have  enough, SERIOUSLY. Use your checklist to create a budget add a couple hundred or even a thousand extra dollars if you can afford it. I know for me, I knew about four months ahead that I was planning to move and tried to start saving. HOWEVER, I had to buy a car before and I left and one million other things came up, and by the time I had to move I didn’t have nearly as much of what I needed to make my move successful. Although I made it through, this tip is probably the most important. So do it!

Side note: Not only should you have money saved but have some emergency money separate from the rest of your money. This money is for those truly unplanned circumstances  that will arise.

3. Cover all your bases

These are the practical things that you need to do:

-Secure your job obviously.

-Find somewhere to live, early. If you’re moving to an apartment the sooner you do it, the better monthly rate you can get. As soon as you finalize a date to leave find an apartment and pay the security deposit as soon as you can. If you’re moving in with a roommate do the same except just discussing the plan with that individual.

*If you’re moving into a house click here for some tips from Angie’s List.

-Cancel or change any open accounts. For example, your bank account information will need to reflect your new address. Do you have a cable bill or internet service, that has to be changed before you leave? If you have a gym membership make sure its transferable from state to state. Those type of things.

-Decide how you’re going to move- Are you bringing everything you own? Do you need everything? Are you going to hire a moving company? Rent a truck? Or do what I did and bring whatever can fit in the car. Whatever you do be as economical as possible because moving cost can be expensive if you don’t shop around. Make sure if you don’t use a moving company that doesn’t have a proven and trusted history. Sacrificing quality service for a smaller bill can leave you in a bad way in the end. So do your research.

4.Do your research on your new state’s requirements

This one caught me by surprise. I wanted to change my insurance policy over and found out there were so many things  I had to do before I could. So know what’s required by your new state. How long to do you have to change your license? Do you even need to change your license? Can you have your mail forwarded? How long before you are considered a resident? What kind of taxes will have in that area?

5. Pack Wisely

I know our first instinct is to bring everything you’ve ever owned, down to the first doll your mom gave you. But don’t, you don’t need it, I promise. Take this move as an opportunity to purge yourself and excess. If you’re in college and moving out of a dorm, decide if you want to move stuff from home as well or buy new things when getting to your new location. Decide if you want to mail some of your clothes, give some away, or pack everything tightly in the car. Whatever you decide, just be smart.

6.Be Prepared for Incidentals

Things are going to come up, so keep yourself in a mental space to handle them. Trust that this move is in  God’s plan for you so when things happen you won’t feel like you’re making the wrong decision.

7.Tie up Loose ends

Send in a resignation letter to your old job. Let them know. This sounds funny but people forget, I know I did. Let your close friends and family know so they can prepare. They will want to do something for you. Let your Pastor or someone with leadership over you know so they can pray for you and your endeavors.

8.Make Connections

Find people in your new location that you can call for help. There will be things you don’t know or things you need when you get there and you will need people who are familiar with the area to give you some help. Try to connect to people that work in your new job wherever you’re going before hand so when you get there you can feel more comfortable.

9.Give Yourself Time to Settle In

I literally went to work on a Friday in Orlando and then started my new job on that Monday in Atlanta. Don’t do it! I didn’t have a choice in my situation. This is where savings comes in. Move in maybe a week or two before so you can settle in as much as possible before you start working. I know for me working a fulltime job doesn’t lend itself to much free time and when you do get the last thing you want to do is unpack. So do as much as you can before starting so thing won’t seem as overwhelming.

10.Keep in Touch

This is soooooo important! DONT FORGET ABOUT YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS THAT YOU LEFT AT HOME! They love you and miss you. And if you have a mom like mine whenever she calls she’ll say something like this, ” I see if I don’t call you I won’t here from you,” which is only true because you will honestly be very busy. So make a concerted and intentional effort to keep in touch with people you care about. I know it gets hard but trust me it’s important and so are they.

MY Directive: New adventures are always waiting but in order to enjoy them to fullest be prepared!

Check out this quick video about find the best moving options

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