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Jhaneal Hector

Jhaneal Hector


Meet Jhaneal

I am a young woman who lives without limits. Being a go-getter is something that comes naturally to me as I believe that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I am the product of my amazing family and friends as well as a vessel open to being used by God to attain my highest potential.

As an Artist

Passion. I am deeply passionate about my work as an Actress, Writer, and Producer. It has taken me a little while to own that I am a creative, but I am finally embracing it. I am very passionate about the avenue of film because I believe it is one of the most powerful tools for humanity. Acting and writing has the power to give laughter when someone is down, to empower and inspire, to shed light on issues, and to be a mirror to humanity in all aspects. T.D. Jakes once said he believes that if Jesus was physically walking the earth today, he would be a filmmaker because he always told parables to relate to people. I believe my work is and aspires to be developed into present-day parables speaking to humanity.

Upcoming Projects

My biggest project to date is my first baby, my web series which I wrote, produced, and starred in entitled Pride Called Worth. I co-created the series with Nothando Palesa-Xulu and it was directed by Marcus Wells. The story follows the journeys of four college friends trying to find their worth as young women in the current dating atmosphere. That project has been picked up by the streaming service On the horizon, I have been cast in a web series with WatchCoCo entitled Innergy. I am also currently writing 3 short films and a new web series while I toy with the idea of writing the second season of PCW. Other than that, I just landed my Atlanta Agent so I am looking forward to auditioning for network shows, such as my most recent audition for a new show which will be on the OWN network, so fingers crossed!

Jhaneal’s Directive:

My directive would be to pursue your dreams unapologetically and responsibly. The entertainment business is not an easy path, but who wants easy when you get to do something you love!? As far as being an Actress, it requires a lot of self work as well as training. Find a local Acting studio and start some classes, order books from the pioneers of our craft like Stella Adler and Stanford Meisner and study their work. I would also implore you to create your own content and represent yourself in a professional manner by getting amazing headshots in order to obtain an Agent. Honestly, just do! There is no one way path when it comes to Acting. Don’t overthink things, in an industry like this everything moves fast, so just make sure you’re prepared when an opportunity comes your way. Stay ready, so you never have to get ready!

Follow Jhaneal’s Journey

Instagram: Jhaneal_Kelli Twitter: Jhaneal_Kelli Youtube: Pride Called Worth

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