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Bria Samone

Bria Samoné Henderson


Meet Bria

I am an artist and performer based in Seattle, WA and a recent graduate of the Professional Actor Training Program at the University of Washington. I studied Drama at Spelman College, where I began my artistic journey as an actor, writer, and poet.

As An Artist

My work explores my identity as a black woman. Not only am I an actress, I am also a spoken word poet, playwright, and solo show artist. The work that I create or am drawn to is political, intimate, playful, and reflective. I believe that performance/theatre art is therapeutic for all people and it’s one of the only forms of expression that require communion. I am a vessel of art and my work is a mirror of the truth.

Upcoming Projects

I am currently in rehearsal for the 2018 Live Actor Showcase Programming with NBC Entertainment in Los Angeles.

Bria’s Directive– Remember you are enough. At your best, full self, you wills be enough for anything you are going after. Someone needs your enough.”

Follow Bria’s Journey

Instagram- @actress2society

Twitter- @actress2society

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