“I slay, okay”

I often don’t have much to say about some things however, yesterday my twitter feed erupted with tweets about pop/r&b sensation Beyonce’s new and unexpected song and music video “Formation.” Now despite the normal and extreme vulgarity (I get it sex sells), the message of the song was powerful to say the least.

People are really obsessed with Beyonce, seriously. However, Beyonce has one of the most powerful voices in our generation. Whenever she has something to say people stop and drop everything to listen and respond. And its these voices that I look to as young woman looking to make an impact in the world.

But back to “Formation.” The lyrics recognize her family’s history and honor the culture from which she was birthed. As we celebrate Black History Month Beyonce sends out a reminder that every black woman was fearfully and wonderfully made. No matter where you come from, how you look, or what kind of “negro nose,”