Heights of Great Men

Anyone who really knows me understands I am the epitome of a true nerd, scholar at heart, and intellectual, or at least I try to be. Throughout college  I spent hours toiling over assignments and papers, and as an English major I had plenty. But I always had this great sense of accomplishment after I stayed up all night and spat an A worthy paper.

However, as a graduate and developing professional and even a budding entrepreneur I realized how much time I wasted in college. Every all-nighter, although exciting and now great memories, doesn’t come close to the real all-nighters that have become a constant in my “adult” life.

I have a close friend that always laughs at me about how I like to sleep. Now although my love for sleep is caused by days filled with hard work, although he would argue otherwise, it has recently been trumped  by my desire to excel in life. I remember the f