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Conquering Mountains

Disclaimer: this blog will probably be the longest one I ever write, so feel free to take your time because you won’t want to miss a line.

So let me first apologize for my selfish silence, its been an EXTREMELY busy 3 weeks filled with so many stories, adventures, ups, downs, and most importantly one the most significant transitions of my life.

Part 1: The Climb

So currently I’m sitting at the top of Stone Mountain- this was one of THE MOST PHYSICALLY CHALLENGING things I’ve ever done. I’m not ashamed to admit it because I’m taking charge of my health and learning to make better decisions and this climb marked the beginning of my new health and fitness journey…but that’s for another post 🙂

While I was climbing, I thought about all the things I’ve been through since I’ve back in Atlanta. It has been filled with so many life lessons. I’ve reconnected with old friends and made new connections with people I know are God sent. Each of these individuals have been a reminder of God’s endless grace and favor.

So we started at the foot of the mountain and I was just so ready. Here begins my metaphor, each step up mirrored my experiences of the past few weeks. I started out so excited, feeling prepared and energized, but with each increasing slope and incline I had to stop for breath. So many times I said to Javaun, “I think we’ve come far enough, lets go back down.” But he wouldn’t let me. I wanted so badly to quit because my body was telling me there’s no way you can make it. I watched others effortlessly pass by and even run towards the top. I looked back and then forward, and I knew at this point there was no way I could turn back.

Along the way there weren’t any markers or signs indicating how far we had left to go. Just like life really but that doesn’t mean we give up. Each incline got steeper and my breath shorter. We reached a little past half way (I knew this because there was a “rest stop” where many gathered. I looked up to what seemed like the top. I got excited because I figured ok cool, one last push. However, to my surprise as I reached the top of what was the steepest climb so far, I realized we still had about a quarter of a mile up left. I looked at Javaun excited and ready to go up and he looked at me knowing I was ready to give up. He grabbed my hand and said, “Come on, I’m not leaving you behind. I stopped and convinced myself that I didn’t have a choice; going forward was the only option.

Panting and pausing the whole way, I made it to the top. The view was breath taking and inspiring. I was so glad I didn’t give up or let how I felt keep me from doing something I knew I could accomplish. As we sat to take in the scenery and of course take pictures I reflected on the last few weeks. I felt overwhelmed and overjoyed by everything that was happening. For many my move was bitter-sweet, they were overjoyed at the opportunity but saddened that it meant I had to go away. It was while taking in the view I knew that God had a specific purpose in everything he was doing and although I too was saddened, something special was in the making.

DSC_0037 (1)

Part 2: The Return

So what does conquering Stone Mountain have to do with my move back to Atlanta. Well everything I guess. Coming back was filled was so much enthusiasm, excitement, and even mental preparation. But it’s also been met with many challenges, uncertainties, and much unwanted stress. However, despite all that there has never been at time where I doubted or questioned if I made the right choice coming back. Many doubted me, said it wasn’t the right thing to do, said I was being selfish leaving behind my parents’ ministry and role as Youth Pastor in our church, but when you feel the pull of God telling you, calling you to something, you move (no pun intended).

I moved into my apartment on March 18th, so about 5 days after I started my job (blog coming soon). I asked my Pastors here if they would come and pray and bless my new home. When they came my first prayed and prophesied somethings over me that not only confirmed EVERYTHING I was praying about but challenged me to birth a ministry that has been on my heart for sometime. Her words not only brought comfort and peace but gave me the push I need to focus on my purpose and calling.

Part 3:The Job

So many have been asking what I actually do. In short, I am the Program Assistant for the Office Student Life and Engagement. One of the major responsibilities and my favorite part about is advising the Miss Spelman Advisory Board. I also have many other duties but I covered the basis.Another aspect of the job that I enjoy is working closely with the students, who actually aren’t that much younger than I, and many of our relationships have formed quickly and organically. As an alumna, I have a lot to offer in the office and really feel I will be able to make a lasting impact.

So you’re almost fully caught up. There are few more things but they will come with time *insert smirking emojii* I feel extremely to blessed. Things are working out in ways I could never have imagined. I promise to do my best to keep you fully updated and look out for some tips about moving I picked over the last few weeks.

MY Directive: Always trust God’s plan and purpose and remember, if he said it MUST be so. Your steps are fully ordered and purpose must be fulfilled.

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