2016 (Be)attitudes

In my youth group I often admonish my kids to not be Christian frauds (Christians that live any way Monday-Saturday but run the aisles on Sunday). They often laugh when I say it but everyday I find it more and more true!

In this new year I’ve been reminded that living BOLDLY for Christ is a “major key” to borrow a popular saying. Knowing who you are in Christ and what he expects from you will help  make better decisions not only in 2016 but also, for the rest of you life.

In Matthew 5:1-12 (please feel free to take a read) Jesus renders a sermon on the mount called the Beatitudes, meaning supreme blessedness. This year I’ve determined to take the life of Christ as my example in responding to every situation, good or bad. I have a lot of really exciting things happening this year and I want to lay a foundation of love, joy, and peace with everyone and everything around me so that everything I do will be birthed out of positive energy and love.

I have examined each of what I like to describe as the Be-Attitudes that Christ left for us as his children to follow and tried to make them understandable and applicable. The world we live in is really sad. Anywhere we can find hope and love I try to cling to and whether you believe in the gospel of Christ or