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What is a Brand Strategy Really?

It’s that plan that puts your “Bloom Factor” - the thing that makes your brand super special and unique— at the center of all your messaging.

When developing your strategy, your goal should be to connect your most valuable assets (MVA) to your audience. Communicating what your MVA is the best way to tell your brand story, raise brand awareness & form connection points to all the intangible elements of the brand.

The main goal of a successful branding strategy is to let the world know that your brand exists, what purpose it has, and what defines it.

Having a brand strategy allows you to understand the value of your content.

If you can answer these questions in your brand- then you are positioned to establish and increase brand awareness whiling nurturing a tribe of loyal and enthusiastic followers.

What are your objectives and can you clearly explain them to others? Understanding the problem you solve and the transformation your tribe will experience after journeying through your brand

Who are your people?- Can you clearly identify and describe your squad?

What are your most valuable assets (MVA)?- This is what most describe as your unique value proposition and the thing that allows you to stand out in your industry.

How are you going to reach your and engage with your customers/audience? This is an important part

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