Happy Leap Year!

This morning one of my students came in and announced,” HAPPY NEW LEAP DAY!” And I all I could think was to myself was,”Great, Monday.”

With everything that goes on in our crazy world, filled with trouble on every side, racism causing division, poverty destroying communities, the economy on a constant rise and fall, and global warming and climate change threatening life as we know it, it’s sometimes difficult to stop and see all the good that surrounds us. Negativity is thrust at us constantly and if you’re not intentional about staying positive you can get swept away by life’s problems.

So as my student ran in causing a complete disruption to the everyone’s focus, I stopped to take in what she was saying. “HAPPY NEW LEAP DAY,” she continued. I didn’t give much thought to the idea of the significance of today’s date but I stopped amidst the chaos of my morning and realized today really is so