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By now most of my readers know education is one of the most important things in my life. I’ve prided myself in being an overachiever. I wasn’t numbered top 10 in my class but I love to learn and I work extremely hard. I love the power and knowledge that comes from being educated. With that said you can understand how taking two years off after graduating from college was one the hardest things I had to do, especially when it wasn’t by choice. However, that’s another story.

I will detail this, I was planning on going to law school. But after being honest with myself and true to my dreams and aspirations becoming a lawyer just wasn’t for me. So instead of accepting my admissions offer I decided to go home instead and take time to figure things out. Fast forward six months later. I figured things out; I knew what program I needed to apply to in order to get there. So I applied. Again leaving out details, I decided Georgia State University’s program was the best fit, because California was just too far, at least for now.

I applied. I waited. I was rejected.

The night I found out I was sitting on a sidewalk having a really heartbreaking conversation, so I already wasn’t having it. Trying to distract myself I opened my email and saw “decision letter available.” Expecting good news I opened it. Even in the midst of a heated conversation Javaun assured me everything would be alright.  I left that night determined not to give up and ready to apply as many times as it took to get in.

Rewind one month ago. I had just moved back and had registered to take the GRE that Friday, I know worst idea ever. But the deadline had crept up on me and I needed to take the test again. Long story short, everything was in place for me to reapply except this one thing, and I wasn’t sure I was prepared. Oh, the deadline to apply was the same day I was taking the test, so after I took the test I rushed home to submit the application.

3 days ago I received my acceptance. Again Javaun was there and of course he tried to be extra and say I didn’t get in. But I did! More than anything I was excited because despite how I felt I never gave up. I know God has set in order this next phase of my life and I look forward to sharing the fullness of my testimony.

MY Directive: Never give up on something that’s important, even if it takes 100 tries, if you want it then it can happen. Just be prepared to prepare every time until you get the results you want.

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